Friday, 24 April 2020

Scrapwaale Hitesh25Kumar

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     'Sell your trash and get rewarded with cash'. Join us in the pursuit of environmental sustainability. Trashman is an online scrap pickup service operating in parts of Chennai. We at Trashman help you to dispose your waste in an efficient and eco-friendly way. You can sell old papers, books, cardboard boxes, bottles, iron, aluminum, steel, brass, copper, batteries, E- waste, ceiling fans, motor and pumps etc. Let's make Namma Chennai greener and cleaner. We are just a click away.

    Trashman is currently serving in Tambaram, Mudichur, Selaiyur, Chromepet, Perungalathur, Alappakam, Sanatorium, Hastinapuram. Our team is making best possible efforts to provide our service throughout chennai at the earliest.

    Recycling most articles like plastic , aluminum, wood , glass etc requires lesser energy than the actual consumption during original production. Hence the toxic emission is also considerably reduced – thereby a healthier planet and your participation in all of this is just a click away ! Yes ! We fetch your junk-whatever they may be ( plastic objects like water bottles , metal appliances , carton boxes , paper , milk packet covers , etc ) from your doorstep and you in turn become a part of a huge cycle that works towards the greater cause of rendering the planet healthy!

     Swapeco is a safe, easy and reliable way to sell your scrap (Newspapers, Plastics, Metals, Electronics & Appliances etc.). You can easily schedule a doorstep scrap pickup according to your own convenient date and time.
The pickup is done by our verified executives who use ISO marked digital weighing scales and pay you fair amount for your scrap according to the rates which are regularly updated on our mobile app.
Our service in currently available in most parts of Delhi NCR.

    Selling your scrap doesn't only let's you earn money but also counts as your contribution towards a clean & green environment.

    Scrapwaale is a platform to sell your scrap in most easiest way.
You can sell paper scrap, old clothes, old shoes, metals, old tyres, plastic waste, Plastic Bottles, E-waste and any kind of recyclable miscellaneous waste with ease. Scrapwaale will buy your scrap at a competitive price and in a very transparent and secure way.
Now it will take few minutes to sell your scrap with Scrapwaale.

    Electrical and electronic waste is a growing problem as volumes are increasing fast. Rapid product innovation and replacement, especially in information and communication technologies (ICT), combined with the quick migration in various technologies has resulted in electrical & electronic products quickly reaching the end of their life.
The rising levels of e-waste generation in India have been a matter of concern in recent years. With reference to the UN statistics, India is world’s 5th largest generator of e-waste. Unfortunately, most of this e-waste is handled in cruel hazardous manner by informal processors. This is causing threats to the human health and environment as they are not handled in controlled conditions while storage transportation, recycling, recovery processes and lead to contamination of air, soil and water thus damaging our environment.


     The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has notified e-waste management rules, 2016. The Government directive on e-waste aims to minimise e-waste by putting disposal responsibility on generators for collection and environment friendly disposal of e-waste.
ECS Environment Pvt Ltd is a leading registered recycler providing services of environment friendly e-waste management. ECS e-waste mobile App is a platform providing convenience for e-waste disposal. ECS e-waste mobile App is useful for Citizens, Institutions, Organizations, Industries, Departments etc. Conveniently Getting quotes for the material, Finding e-waste collection points, Finding drop-off bins, Requesting e-waste pickup, Chatting with representatives are some of the unique features that are now on fingertip.  

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